Feisol tripod

After eight years of use, the time has come to tell you about Feisol tripods.

Anyone who knows me knows that I like taking pictures in extreme environments and circumstances. Since 2013 I have tried almost all Feisol tripod models, in all conditions, sand, ice, salt water, mud, volcanic dust, etc.

I am very satisfied with their lightness/strength ratio and the quality of their materials that allow them to last over time while maintaining their characteristics.

I bought my first Feisol in 2013, I used it a lot and in all types of weather conditions and today it is fully functional.

There are two of the various models that I have tried, that I like the most and that I use now in my work: The Feisol CT-3472 M2 and the Feisol Tournament CT-3442. 

Feisol CT-3472

It was my first Feisol tripod, it has accompanied me on almost all photographic travels from 2013 to today. A very sturdy, tall and very stable tripod. Perfect when the weather conditions are extreme. It is a tripod that is not afraid of strong winds, cold temperatures or sea waves. 

It is certainly, in relation to its great stability, the lightest and smallest tripod (when closed) I have ever used. And this is one of the things that struck me most. Usually the most stable tripods are very heavy and bulky to carry. This CT-3472 having 4 sections, once closed it is really short, this is an important feature for its transport in the backpack or suitcase.

Another feature in its favor is the minimum height from the ground (without central column) I can lower myself bringing the reflex close to the ground, which is usually difficult to do with such sturdy tripods because they remain higher than the ground.

Technical features:

  • FEISOL’s new Rapid anti-leg-rotation technology
  • A load capacity of 30 kg
  • Maximum height of 147 cm – without optional center column
  • Closed length 52 cm
  • Minimum height of just 8 cm
  • Preset leg angles at 25, 50, and 75 degrees
  • Remarkably lightweight construction – just 1.81 kg
  • Maximum leg diameter 37 mm 


Feisol Tournament CT-3442

It has been three years since I can no longer do without this tripod in my photographic adventures. When having less weight and less bulk on your back makes the difference, without sacrificing stability, this is the perfect tripod!

In my most extreme adventures, in the mountains, when reaching the place requires long and technical hiking including sleeping in a tent, I always carry this tripod with me because every pound less in weight is important.

Thanks to its small size it adheres perfectly to the backpack making it very comfortable to carry.

Another feature that distinguishes it is its maneuverability, with agile and simple moves you can change its position very quickly. A very useful feature for my photographic style that requires a continuous search for increasingly particular compositions and many times in very uncomfortable and difficult positions where speed and precision in movements is important, for example in rivers, between rocks and waves of the sea or on the edge of a mountain.

Technical features:

  • FEISOL’s new Rapid anti-leg-rotation technology
  • Reverse-folding legs which flip up 180 degrees over the ball head for maximum compactness
  • A load capacity of 25 kg
  • Maximum height of 140 cm
  • Closed length 49 cm
  • Minimum height of 17 cm
  • Preset leg angles at 25, 50, and 75 degrees
  • Remarkably lightweight construction – just 1.14 kg!!
  • Maximum leg diameter 28 mm


When do I use one rather than the other?

Needless to say, they are both excellent tripods. Which to choose of the two?

Obviously I can advise you in the landscape field. If you are a “photographic travel” photographer, where you travel by car or camper and just take a few walks to reach the spots, without staying in a tent during the night and without demanding technical hiking, I definitely recommend the FEISOL CT-3472. Bulky but not heavy, resistant even to strong wind and the worst weather conditions. You can rest assured and watch your reflex attached to this tripod from afar.

If, on the other hand, you are adventure photographers, like me you like climbing mountains, researching the most challenging spots, taking long routes trying to survive during the night..eheh:) then the FEISOL TOURNAMENT CT-3442 is the perfect tripod for you. Lots of comfort without sacrificing stability.

In both photos you can see the CT-3472 on the left and the Tournament CT-3442 on the right.