Giulio Cobianchi

My great passion is to communicate what photography means to me.

Discover it, immerse yourself in my world.

Photo tour

Photo tours are real journeys, during which we will take fantastic photos and spend time in the most breathtaking places on the face of the earth! In addition, during the tours, we will improve our photographic skills in natural settings. The average duration of a photo tour is 7 days, and is suitable for beginners, adventurers and dreamers.


During the workshops we focus on learning photography in all aspects, from shooting in the field (both day and night trips) to the final post-production for publication or printing. The workshops usually last between 1 and 3 days and are of various types, and depending on the skills we are going to learn they are suitable for beginners or experienced photographers.

Online workshop

Online workshops are real group workshops, with the only difference that, instead of physically moving to a place to learn the best shooting techniques and post-production, we will see each other directly online, through software like Skype. Usually an online workshop lasts between 2 and 9 hours, divided into several lessons, usually in 2 or 3 consecutive days. The workshops are differentiated according to the level of “competence” required and the type of photography you are going to study (day or night).

Private lessons

Are you taking your first steps in the world of photography, do you want to explore some topics that are not very clear to you or do you want to improve your workflow in post-production? Whatever your need, private lessons, fully customizable, are the right choice for you!


I have selected some of the best photos taken during my travels, to share them with anyone who wants to furnish their furniture / studio with a print of natural landscapes. Available in different formats and on different media, they are also great as gift ideas for friends or family.


I take a lot of pictures during my travels. In the galleries I chose to show my best shots, catalogue them according to the locations where they were taken and show them to you, so you can have a preview of what we will find during the workshops and photo tours!


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Photo by Fabian Irsara