About me

When nature becomes extreme, the spirit of adventure grows in me.

Giulio Cobianchi is a 37 year old professional landscape photographer from Italy, with a particular addition to adventures in the middle of wild nature. For this reason he decided to move with his wife and children to the heart of the Arctic Circle, to the Lofoten islands, where he can concentrate to curry out his great passion, to communicate what photography means to him.

His favorite photographic style is night photography, he likes to spend a lot of nights on top of the mountains between stars and Aurora.

After a few years of traveling and photography for passion, he managed to turn everything into a job making his dream come true. After about ten years of self taught studies, he has been a professional photographer since 2017.

The desire to explore new and remote places has made him grow the passion for landscape photography which, for him, is divided into two great and fun moments, the first is the moment of the shot, in silence with the only sound of nature , which leaves you breathless. The second is the edit phase in front of photoshop, a creative moment where the artistic touch makes the difference in improving and personalizing a shot. He really enjoys creating images that make the shooting scene even more eye catching and powerful.

He likes to teach photography around the world, in places where nature offers the best of itself, for this he founded “Gotophototour”. Gotophototour “teaches landscape photography around the world through photo tours planned down to the smallest detail to provide the greatest possible experience.