About me

When nature becomes extreme, the spirit of adventure grows in me.

My name is Giulio Cobianchi and I am a landscape and adventure photographer. Born in 1984 in Italy, near the Dolomites, which I consider my cradle photo-picture.

My great passion is to capture the adventures that I live in the middle of nature. I love extreme environments, especially the Great North and spending the nights among ice and stars is the thing I like the most.

Photography for me is adventure. When environmental conditions become difficult and dangerous, the spirit of adventure within me gets fueled.

Since I was a child I have always been lucky enough to travel with my parents, I have always been attracted to wild places and not to big cities. When I was 6/7 years old my father always lent me his analog reflex camera and I would take many photos, as you would do with a digital one. Without knowing anything about photography, I was committed to getting the composition I liked. I remember that the only good thing about the sad return from the holidays was taking the films to the photographer to develop them. The emotion of seeing the memories of the trip was already very strong back then.

As the years went by, the passion for difficult trips had grown. I already liked planning, wasting hours and days in front of the computer and organizing everything as I liked and feeling that enthusiasm flowing inside me until I stayed awake the last nights before departure.

Now, after years of experience, that feeling has remained the same and when I return from a trip, I really need rest because the desire to explore every corner of that place, to live new adventures and bring home satisfying photos, requires a lot of energy and a few hours of sleep.

In 2012 I bought my first reflex camera and since that day a new world opened up for me. I started studying first as a self-taught, on books and video tutorials. I spent days in front of the computer doing tests and finally I did some specific and in-depth courses on photography and post production. After 3 years of studies and trials I decided that it was time to post-produce and publish my first photo.

This great passion of mine for wild nature, with the passing of time has taken me to increasingly hostile lands, where nature reigns.

Since then I have been to wonderful places and the first trip to these lands, which I call “magic lands”, was to Scotland, then to Iceland, Lofoten, Swedish Lapland, then again Lofoten and Iceland. These lands occupied my mind so much that I could no longer return to my daily routine.

In 2018 my wife and I began to feel the need to get away from the chaotic environment and the hectic pace. So we decided to follow our hearts, and together with our almost one year old son, we moved to Ålesund, Norway. After 8 months we realized our dream of living literally in the middle of the wilderness, and now we live in the Lofoten Islands, an Arctic paradise.

Here I organize photographic trips and workshops around the world, but mainly in Scandinavia and the Dolomites. I also teach photography online via Skype, with private and group courses. I love to teach photography in the middle of nature, my greatest passion is to see the enthusiasm of the customers when they see these places and manage to immortalize the incredible scenery they offer.